The Secret of the Fastest Weight Loss

What is the most common method people use if they want rapid  weight   loss ? They try to give up food and go on excessive dieting in order to lose weight. They think that this will help them achieve the fastest  weight   loss  in minimum amount of time. But, is this a correct notion? Let’s delve deeper into this.

What happens when you starve yourself for many days?

Your body will start thinking that there is scarcity of food. It will go into starvation mode. In starvation mode, the body will try to store up whatever fat and energy it can so that it can last much longer than normal.

So, in this starvation mode, the metabolism rate drops. This is kind of a defense mechanism by the human body because it thinks there is shortage of food. You are sending wrong signals to the body by starving yourself or eating too little.

Metabolism Rate and  Weight   Loss 

As most people know, metabolism rate is very important if you want to burn fat. Metabolism rate refers to the amount of energy the body burns in order to maintain itself. The body is constantly burning more and more calories every hour of the day whether we are eating, sleeping or working.

A higher metabolism rate may mean that more energy is burned. This means that you will have higher chances of losing weight. Metabolism rate is mainly affected by the composition of your body. If the body has more muscles and less fat stored in it, the metabolic rate will be higher.

Muscles need much more energy to maintain themselves than fat. So the composition of muscle to fat in the body is an important factor. Muscular people are likely to have higher metabolism rate. Hence they probably have less chances of putting on excess weight.

The Secret to Fastest  Weight   Loss 

So here lies the big secret to lose weight fast. Increase your metabolism rate in a natural manner. You can do so by doing more exercises related to resistance training. Resistance work like lifting weights etc can help in building more muscle mass.

At the same time, you can reduce fat levels of the body by doing aerobic exercises. You can do aerobic exercises 3 days a week or on alternate days. Aerobic exercises are those which will increase your heart beat while you are doing them. They include things like walking, jogging, swimming etc.

Another important thing is to shun dieting. It is not good for long term or permanent  weight   loss . A better strategy is to watch out the foods you are eating. Avoid high fat foods and try to eat a balanced diet. This too can have tremendous impact on metabolism rate.

Fast  Weight   Loss  Plan Laid Out

Remember that, a good metabolism rate can help you in achieving fastest  weight   loss  in record time. So here is the plan laid out for you again:

1. Increase muscle mass of your body (by doing resistance exercises)

2. Reduce fat levels (by doing aerobic exercises)

3. Avoid very low-calorie diets which reduce metabolism rate

4. Prefer to eat balanced and healthy diet

Struggling With Weight Loss? Learn the 5 Most Effective Weight Loss Strategies

Being fat is a big issue for many. Not only does it affect one’s health but also his personality; countless people are suffering from cardiovascular problems due to fat accumulation and so many have been bullied and ridiculed because of obesity. Losing weight is the best defense against these problems but it in this area, many have failed miserably and have given up the battle. Weight loss tips and tricks are easily accessed in books, magazines, and in the internet but, do these really work? Here are some pointers you must observe when losing weight and for sure, you will be provided with great weight loss help.

Find your inspiration.

This is the first of the several weight loss secrets you must know. People fail to lose weight because they are not ready for it. Letting go of the delicious foods and an exercise-free life is very difficult and it is quite impossible to do it unless you have the motivation. Just like in other aspects of life, an inspiration keeps you going no matter how tough things are. You need to find the reason behind your weight loss, be it for better health or for improvement of physical appearance.

Discipline yourself.

The next thing you need to focus on is to condition yourself to commit to the entire weight loss process which involves eating the right foods and doing intense physical activities. Every now and then, you will be tempted to cheat on your diet and skip your exercises. You will certainly find this hard to evade but learn to prioritize things and determine which will give you benefits in the long run. Is eating that thick slab of pork going to be good for your already deteriorating health? Is it worthy to set your health aside just so you can eat all the delicious foods in the world?

Eat a balanced diet.

The body needs nutrients in order to function properly and these can only be obtained from the foods we ingest. However, there are also junk foods that do not do any good to the body. Eating these kinds of foods will just make your task more difficult by adding unnecessary fats and calories. A fat burning diet must consist of foods that are rich in the essential nutrients. The best foods to eat to lose weight include eggs, fish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and non-fat dairy products.

Most people complain that fat burning meals are usually bland but in fact, you do not have to be confined to unappetizing body fat burning foods all your life. Adding flavor to your otherwise tasteless meals is very easy as there are a lot of very flavorful fat loss foods available in the market. For example, olive oil contains healthy fats and adds flavor to your salads. Herbs are also great flavor enhancers and some even have antioxidant properties to help you fight free radicals.

Allow yourself to indulge once in a while but stay within the limits. You can eat ice cream but limit yourself to a scoop. Also, opt for healthier alternatives. When you want to eat bread, avoid eating white bread and go for wheat bread instead. Have your foods steamed, grilled, or roasted instead of frying them, to prevent the consumption of extra fats.

Get involved in physical activities.

You will not lose weight now if you do not move those muscles. Physical activities demand energy and the body responds to this by burning stored fats and turning them into energy. Hence, physical activities provide a way on how to lose fats. Body fat burning exercises do not have to be done in gyms or fitness centers because you can burn fats by merely helping with the house chores. Cleaning, gardening, and looking after the children require a considerable amount of energy so you burn a large amount of stored fats.

Instead of sticking to fat loss workouts, incorporate your favorite sports to make weight loss more enjoyable. Tennis and swimming are examples of fast fat burning sports because they involve both the upper and lower extremities, allowing the movement of almost all the muscles.

Give time for relaxation.

Relaxation is an important component of a healthy weight loss because it allows the body to rest and repair the torn muscles caused by intense workouts. The body also needs to relax and diminish the stress brought about by work, studies, and family. It has been known that stress makes the brain release hormones that induce appetite, so taking time to unwind is essential to weight loss.

You can use relaxation as a reward once you reach a weight loss milestone. If you lose more than 10 pounds in a month, head to the spa and have a relaxing massage. If you find shopping relaxing, go ahead and buy that dress you have been eyeing for a long time now.

Losing weight is surely difficult in the beginning but once you get the rhythm of it, everything will be very easy. And for sure, all your efforts will be rewarded in the end.

Motivation Drives Weight Loss Results

Nutrition experts agree that the foundation of healthy weight loss involves a well balanced, calorie restricted diet and physical activity on most days of the week. Beyond these essential underpinnings are the motivational and psychological aspects of weight reduction which can mean the difference between success and failure.

Recent research released from The Journal of Medical Internet Research indicates that people who have lost weight were more than twice as likely to keep the weight off if they kept track of their progress using an online recording system.

This is consistent with studies demonstrating that people lose weight more consistently and faster when they keep a dairy to record all foods eaten each day. Aside from diet and exercise, there are several important steps to help motivate your mind and hit your ideal weight target.

Step 1: The Power of Motivation to Lose Weight

People are much more likely to achieve and maintain their weight loss goal when they’re motivated by others. Losing weight significantly reduces the risk of sudden death from a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, dementia and many cancers, yet many people never attain or maintain their weight goal. The motivation provided by a friend or family member is the missing key to weight loss success for many.

Before beginning your weight loss journey, find somebody who will be able to encourage you when you hit the inevitable low point or plateau in your quest. The encouragement they’ll provide is invaluable, providing the strength and psychological boost to continue toward success. Interestingly, researchers have found that people who are financially incentivized to lose weight achieve a 70% success rate, making money a powerful source of motivation.

Step 2: Eat It, Track It and Don’t Cheat

Keeping a food dairy is a proven method that leads to permanent weight loss. When you record everything you eat, you’ll quickly find that most meals tip the scales at nearly twice the number of calories than you really need. Use a smaller 9″ plate and you’ll automatically eat 40% less without even noticing the difference.

Since many tracking programs break down fat, carb and protein ratios, you’ll find that highly refined carbs are blocking your road to success, as they cause wild blood sugar surges which tip your metabolism toward fat storage. Be honest with yourself by measuring and weighing foods, and enter them to your log either before or immediately after eating.

Step 3: Set a Food Clock

Working on the knowledge that it takes approximately 20 minutes from the time you begin eating until your brain registers the full signal, set a 20 minute food clock as you begin each meal. The idea is to eat slowly, chewing each bite so you can savor and enjoy the flavors of your food. If you hit the 20 minute mark and haven’t finished, then it’s time to stop.

While proper diet and sufficient exercise are an essential part of a successful weight loss plan, it’s also important to incorporate the resources of mind and motivation. Solicit the help of someone who can motivate you, providing encouragement when you stray off track, and use a menu diary and food clock. Get your mind in the game and you’ll find the added support you need to hit your ultimate weight loss goal, and keep it off for life.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet – What You Need to in an Emergency

If you are actually reading this rapid  weight   loss  diet, you are probably in a state of panic and considering liposuction (if the surgery and recuperation period did not take so darn long) Since the latter is cumbersome, I shall not hesitate giving you extreme tips since you are looking for a fast results  weight   loss  plan and not a long lasting one. Now let’s cut the crap and get to the point.

Most important if you want to keep to your rapid  weight   loss  diet plan, is not to let yourself stay too hungry for too long. This may sound queer advice but if you get too hungry, chances are you are going to overeat after that. You will most likely reach for a processed food product: easily available and able to give you almost instant energy and quell your growling tummy. To prevent this, always have some healthy snacks with you such as a fruit or container of cereal or nuts.

For the desperate dieter, you have to scrutinize everything that enters your mouth. Examine your liquid consumption. Do you reach for drinks with high sugar instead of good old zero calorie water? A can of soft drink has an average of 150 calories! Do not be fooled by fruit drinks either. Packaged ones are no better as they have lots of sugar and calories to preserve them. Bubble tea is also the first thing you throw out of the window when on a  weight   loss  diet. The sago pearls that you happily slurp up with your bubble tea? These, are not little balls of joys. They are a dieter’s worst nightmare as they are purely made of sugar and starch..

Before you reach for a bite, have a glass of water as your body may sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. Not slim enough for your liking then do not eat! If you are that desperate, skip your meals for the day and have meal replacement as part of your rapid  weight   loss  diet. Remember not to drink to much water too as it will leave you bloated. Do this only for the day because if you do this for long, your body switches to ‘starvation mode’. It is fooled into thinking that you do not have food and will try to conserve calories. This results in a lower metabolic rate and a tubbier you.

Last but not least, one thing you should never do on a rapid  weight   loss  plan. Never write about a  weight   loss  plan. Writing or thinking about food (or in this case, the lack of food) fires up your salivary glands, gastric juices and sets your tummy churning in no time. Yours truly has had to endure uncontrollable bouts of hunger just bringing this piece of article to you, So you can rest assured that the given suggestions are taken from experiences. Nonetheless, take note that not every method works for everyone

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Diet Soda and Its Impact on Weight Loss

Most people who want to lose weight compromise by drinking diet soda rather than regular soda. The question is: does it work? The word “diet” in it may sometimes fool people in to thinking that the soda would not make too much of an impact on their weight. However, the opposite is actually true.

Drinking a diet soda actually sabotages a person’s weight loss plan. This is due to a number of reasons that could also indirectly affect a person’s health in general. Following are the reasons why one should not drink diet sodas for weight loss.

Sugar Content

The main reasons why people love diet soda are because it tastes good. It’s sweet, hinting to a large quantity of sugar in the mixture. For some people, these sugars act as “triggers” that would prompt them to eat more than they actually should. Add that to the fact that sugar in itself can be very bad for the body, resulting to an all in all unhealthy drink.

Addiction Factor

Most diet soda come with an ingredient that induces people to drink more and more each time. In fact, there have been some studies that have shown how much some people can be addicted to the taste of the drink. At the same time, some diet sodas contain in them caffeine, an ingredient also found in coffee. Although caffeine is also noted to be good for the body because of its antioxidant content, the same may also be harmful when taken in large doses.

Energy Factor

Sugar is usually the main thing used by our body for those quick bursts of energy. Unfortunately, this kind of diet drink does not really contain sugar, rather just a poor sugar substitute. The sweetness is there, but in terms of chemical compound, it doesn’t really come to par. As a result, the energy burst usually supplied by sugar is absent, causing a person to feel sluggish and sleepy.

Of course, drinking diet soda is not all bad. However, it is best limited at those few occasions rather than every day. This way, one can still enjoy the drink without being at risk because of it. For best results, it is ideal to drink more water after drinking the soda to counter balance the effects.